Cindy originally started creating handmade empowerment jewelry to remind the women in her life to always keep their heads up no matter what life presents. Every time they look down at the bracelets they’re reminded of their passions, motivations and personal strengths. Turns out, she was surrounded by countless powerful women who wanted their own personalized stacks. The jewelry caught on like wildfire, hence the birth of the Cynthia Catherine Collection.

She is a life coach, fitness instructor and a dedicated member of the Junior League of San Diego, an organization that promotes volunteerism and women’s leadership. Cindy has a love helping people see what is possible for themselves and encourage them to chase their passions.

Her love for helping people reach their goals was uncovered from coaching fitness classes and mentoring women through her charity organization. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing someone accomplish something they’ve never been able to have before, mentally or physically.

Now she’s on to raise the world’s vibration through her jewelry line.

Follow her self-development advice on the Life, Liberty & Lipstick blog to learn how to embrace your femininity,  build confidence & live a healthy lifestyle.


We believe that empowered women are capable of extraordinary things.  This collection is made from semi-precious stones that amplify feminine energies. The Cynthia Catherine collection is designed to help women maximize their potential.

Wearing the stacks can help you attract stronger friendships, create abundance, improve communication, find love, increase bravery and cultivate the opportunities you desire.

How does it work? Everything in the world is made of energy and has a vibration. Physics tells us that nothing is solid. If you look up close, atoms are simply vibrating energy vortexes.  You have your own unique vibration that gets emitted into the world. These energies can easily be transferred or absorbed, meaning you take on the energy of the people and things around you.

Have you ever felt uplifted after spending time with a bubbly, optimistic and energetic person? Or have you felt drained after listening to someone complain? That’s because you are absorbing their energy! The happier you are the higher your frequency is. That’s why it’s important for woman to cultivate empowering, positive energy and actively protect it. Now you can step into the world fearlessly in pursuit of your passions.

Cynthia Catherine uses hand selected stones with high frequencies that foster good vibes. Energy is like a magnet.  If you align your vibration to your desires you’ll start to see more of them show up into your life. Think about what you want to attract and choose your jewelry accordingly! You match the vibrations of everything that manifests in your life.

You can choose a stone that matches your daily intentions and desires. Your personalized Cynthia Catherine jewelry charges you with the energies you need to love more passionately, heal faster, improve focus and boost your mood. A woman with big dreams is unstoppable.

You can mix, match, or stack the sets to create a personalized, truly inspired look to own your feminine powers. You are a powerful being that when working to your fullest potential can truly change the world.  Your handmade jewelry represents women coming together to support one another in the most stylish way possible! We have a passion for uniting women everywhere to create a sense of comradery and support a greater cause. Like the beads in each stack, we’re joining to create something greater than us.

The world is full of men who want to help uplift women like you. Equality is not a one gender job. We also created accessories for men who proudly support and encourage women to grow and live confidently.

Feel good, look good, for good. Ten percent of proceeds will go to the Seven Bar Foundation (link to the charity page), and organization that empowers women by working with microfinance institutions to distribute small loans to women starting their own businesses to break the cycle of poverty.

Want to be a part of the movement?