As a romance writer I thrive off attraction, creativity and my surrounding environments. The bracelets help stimulate my mind to enhance my writing and help create characters that my readers crave.


Adora Luster, Author of Whiskey Chocolate

As a spiritual life coach, I am all about harnessing good vibes. I love that these bracelets are made from healing stones that bring positive energy to women! The mission behind the brand puts the Law of Reciprocity into play so I feel like I’m working towards a good cause wearing these.

Shannon, Founder of Spiritual Millennial

I love traveling, exploring and positive energy! So I love the travel stacks. It’s a constant reminder of my passion and keeps me excited for my next adventure.

Danita Young, Founder of Booty Bands

Always being on the go, I love these bracelets because they easily transition from my day business wear to my night outing and comfortable to wear all day long. My favorite bracelet is the Wonder Woman!

Brie Thomas, Founder of Girl Power Fitness

These collections are made from high-quality stones and offer designs to compliment any mood. I wear my Wonder Woman bracelets as a symbol of my strength, determination, and it helps me feel empowered to conquer anything!

Michelle McEwan, Miss NH USA 2018


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